It’s been a whirlwind the last few days for Nuheara in Las Vegas as tens of thousands of journalists and tech enthusiasts have descended upon Sin City for the 2017 edition of CES. The Nuheara booth has been packed with attendees eager to try out our life changing wireless earbuds since the convention began.

With so many bloggers and journalists having the opportunity to test out our IQbuds firsthand, we’ve seen a dizzying around of positive press coverage this week. Here is a recap of some of the many stories featuring Nuheara IQbuds in the last 2-3 days:

Fast Company
How I Heard the World With Nuheara’s Bionic Earbuds

“Even if you’ve got normal ears, the IQbuds’ audio-enhancing technology can help take the stress out of noisy environments.”

Digital Trends
Nuheara blends streaming audio and real world sound with wireless IQbuds
Nuheara’s IQbuds shipping with enhanced speech amplification and high-end audio

“Under-promise and over-deliver, that is what’s happening with Nuheara’s IQbuds.”

Cult Of Mac
These Wireless earbuds make Apple AirPods look dumb

“The experience was pretty amazing.”

Consumer Reports
More Headphone Users Will Cut the Cord in 2017
Wireless headphones dominate the aisles at this year’s CES

Smart IQbuds Promise to Help Filter Out The Sounds Around You

“…easily the most impressive battery report we’ve seen from truly wireless earbuds.”

Nuheara launches IQBuds wireless headphones with 18-hour battery life

Android Headlines
CES 2017 Nuheara Launches IQbuds Wireless Headphones
CES 2017: IQbuds, CT Band and PowerRay lead the pack in innovative ideas

“While offering these great features, the product hasn’t sacrificed quality with the IQbuds delivering high-end sound fidelity.”

Gizmodo Australia
These Aussie-Made Wireless Earbuds Are A Cure For Pub Deafness

“Think of Apple’s AirPods, but on steroids.”

Biz News Mag

Oz team steals 2017 CES Unveiled

“The R&D that has gone into these sleek in-ear headphones has borne fruit for Nuheara with an outstanding acknowledgement at CES.”

Today Show

Australian Financial Review

CES 2017 has been a wall of words and a war of formats

“Sophisticated digital signal processing to calculate which voices in a crowd should be reduced in volume”

A huge thank you to all of our supporters of Nuheara and our journey to build the world’s first truly wireless earbuds for augmented hearing! Stayed tuned as we recap more exciting developments from the coming days of CES.

Check out these CES attendee reactions to trying IQbuds for the 1st time:


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