best earbuds for airplane travel
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Must-Have Earbuds for Airplane Travel

A "Must Have Accessory for Travel" - IQbuds were named as one of 25 must-have smartphone accessories for travel by Qantas Airways . Read the full article here (IQbuds are listed on slide #18). "These small, versatile Nuheara wireless…

An Overview of Bluetooth Hearing Devices, Benefits, & Technology

Bluetooth and Hearing Health Hearing aids have come a long way since the over-the-ear model was the only choice available. Today, hearing aids increasingly use Bluetooth technology to give users more functionality and a better experience. With…
wireless earbuds for gaming with built-in microphone
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How to Choose the Best Wireless Earbuds for Gaming

Nuheara’s IQbuds and IQbuds BOOST offer a variety of innovative features unlike any other earbud. For gamers who want total audio control, Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in microphone and more, there is a lot to consider. Before choosing…
Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Understanding Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Symptoms, & Treatments

What is sensorineural hearing loss? It is a common type of hearing loss attributed to damage to the microscopic hair cells that live inside of the ear. Damage to these hair cells interrupts the transmission of sound from the inner ear to…
woman wearing iqbuds in open office at work
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Superior Earbuds for Working in Open Office Environments

Discover why IQbuds and IQbuds BOOST are the best earbuds for work, offering dynamic noise control, speech amplification and enhanced hearing in offices.
Hearing Buds Help Auditory Processing Disorder

Understanding Auditory Processing Disorder: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Learn about Auditory Processing Disorder, its causes, common symptoms, and various treatment options and innovations for APD relief.
audiogram that cannot detect hidden hearing loss

Inside the Growing Epidemic of Hidden Hearing Loss

Until 10 years ago, audiologists insisted that anyone who could pass a hearing test had normal hearing. In a typical hearing test, the audiologist looks for damage to the hair cells inside of the ears that detects vibration and transfers it…

Nuheara registered as provider to NDIS to support Autism

Nuheara approved as registered provider to Australia’s National Insurance Disability Scheme (NDIS). NDIS can fully subsidise purchase of Nuheara products. Being a registered provider on the NDIS will enable Nuheara to support…
miniere's syndrome frustration
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Meniere's Disease: Easing Symptoms through Innovation

A look at Meniere's Disease, its stages, various methods of easing the symptoms, and the journey of Ana, an IQbuds BOOST customer suffering from the affliction.

Nuheara and Best Buy Canada partnership brings hearing health mainstream

12 July 2019 – Perth, Australia Nuheara Limited (ASX: NUH) ("Company" or "Nuheara"), transforming the way people hear by creating smart hearing solutions that are accessible and affordable, is pleased to announce a new North American…