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10 Reasons Why Customers Love IQbuds BOOST

Discover 10 reasons why customers around the world absolutely love their IQbuds BOOST, the ultimate personalized hearing bud.

FOCUS: Beamforming Audio for Even Clearer Conversations

Nuheara is thrilled to announce the release of Focus, our latest upgrade for IQbuds BOOST™. Focus is a new feature that uses "audio beamforming" technology to isolate and enhance sounds directly in front of the BOOST user. The ideal use case…

How to Set Up TV Audio Streaming for IQbuds BOOST

It is now possible, by using a 3rd-party transmitting device, to listen to your TV’s audio output through your IQbuds BOOST™. This guide describes how to connect an Avantree™ Oasis audio transmitter with your earbuds. The first step…

Why & How to Update Firmware on IQbuds

With many consumer electronics products, attaining status as an "early adopter" is a badge of honor. Much like music fans who can attest to being fans of a band "before they were famous," there is a sense of pride among those with the foresight…
evolution of hearing intelligence to IQBuds, the superior Airpods alternative

IQbuds: A Smarter Alternative to AirPods

Roughly 11 years ago, on January 9th, 2007, the late Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to a live audience at San Francisco's Moscone Center. Despite many positive initial reviews, few predicted the global impact this device would have. Today…
augmented hearing street scene

Augmented Hearing: A World of Possibilities with IQBuds

Since the 1990's or even the late 1980's, virtual reality has been a familiar concept for most people. The 1999 hit movie, The Matrix, prominently features virtual reality, through characters "living in a fully simulated world, with many completely…

Introducing Custom Tap Touch

The World’s Most Intelligent Earbuds Just Got Smarter Nuheara IQbuds™ are setting a new standard of innovation in the headset market. In 2017, no other truly wireless earbuds have won more innovation awards than IQbuds™. In…
golf headphones

IQbuds™ - The Best Earbuds for the Golf Course & Music

Golf is a truly international game, enjoyed by millions of players around the globe. According to the National Golf Foundation, today there are "33,161 global facilities and 567,111 golf holes" available for play around the world. Despite…

Earbud Fit: Stop Earbuds from Falling Out and Get Better Sound

The volume of technology packed into every pair of IQbudsTM is staggering. Building a device with speakers, microphones, Bluetooth transmitters, batteries, and other components is a challenge. Fitting all those required elements into two, in-ear…

IQbuds Reviews

On January 3rd, 2017, Nuheara commenced shipping of IQbudsTM. Nine months later, tens of thousands over IQbudsTM users are now hearing the world they want to hear in countries worldwide. While our product engineers continually work to improve…