Day 2 of CES 2017 in Las Vegas was another exceptional day for Nuheara as we introduced the world to IQbuds. It’s never a bad day when you win an award, and that’s just what happened when tech/lifestyle magazine EFTM awarded Nuheara their ‘Best for Innovation’ award. Pictured below are Nuheara CEO Justin Miller and Rocky Long of EFTM:

EFTM also published a nice write-up and review of IQbuds:

Aussie Innovation in hearing & wireless audio: Nuheara IQ Buds

“Just like with standard noise-cancelling headphones the bulk of the rough noise around me was dulled, muffled if you like, but when Justin Miller the Co-Founder and CEO – who was standing a meter in front of me in a very busy room – spoke, my mind was blown. Immediately his voice was amplified like it was another track playing over the main sound. A strange feeling to be honest, but once you realise what it’s doing the concept becomes real and it’s fantastic.”

Nine News Australia was another of the many media outlets to profile IQbuds following a stop by our booth.

Nuheara Global VP of Sales also appeared of the CTA (Consumer Technology Association) Foundation stage with Steve Ewell for an interview on hearables and access later in the day.

And last but not least, here are yet another couple of press highlights published yesterday:

Sydney Morning Herald
CES 2017: A year for robots, TVs and ‘hearables’

“I tested [IQbuds] in the deafening halls of CES, and the results were impressive.”

IQbuds are augmented reality for your ears: CES 2017 Tech West

Day 3 is off and rocking so far! Stay tuned for more updates…

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  1. Paul Doumany
    Paul Doumany says:

    Great to see a true Aussie innovator punching well above it’s weight among’st the World’s best.!!
    Well done and hears to a great future (no pun intended).


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