Hearables On The Rise

Hearables are defined as wearable devices worn in or around the ear.  This new and rapidly growing product category is predicted by Juniper Research to grow seven-fold in the next 5 years to 285 million units in 2022 from 43 million in 2017.

Interestingly it is predicted that smart hearables will see the greatest growth with assistive hearing devices representing 68% of the market according to research author James Moar.

“While the hearables category began in fitness, it is now much broader… Being able to adjust your hearing appeals to many more people, and will ultimately de-stigmatise hearing aids and enrich the lives of many with hearing loss.”

EarID™ Brings Personalization and Intelligent Amplification to Hearables

As consumers embrace new technologies their demand for a more personal experience is at the core of their adoption. This is no less relevant in the hearables sector.

Consumers are demanding a “just for me” experience – unique and designed for their own personal needs.

With IQbuds™ Boost and EarID™, consumers now have the ability to uniquely personalize their hearing experience, tuned to their own hearing profile with more sophisticated levels of intelligent amplification.

iqbuds boost hearing personalization

What is EarID™?

EarID™ is Nuheara’s new proprietary hearing personalization system embedded in IQbuds™ Boost. The EarID™ app allows consumers to measure and analyze their hearing thresholds, then calibrate IQbuds™ Boost to reflect their own personal hearing profile.

Delivering greater levels of intelligent amplification than the original IQbuds™, IQbuds™ Boost and EarID™ give the consumer a simple and accessible way to enhance how they hear the world around them and personalize their own hearing experience.

Additionally, EarID™ delivers a perfect personalization solution while still allowing consumers the ability to enjoy the SINC™ real world control and customization of the original IQbuds™ product.

How EarID™ works?

To deliver a true hearing personalization experience three steps need to take place:

  • Measure – Accurately measure your own hearing thresholds.
  • Analyze – Determine what levels of hearing optimization are perfect for you.
  • Calibrate – Set up IQbuds™ Boost to perfectly reflect your own personal hearing profile.

EarID™ has been designed to allow the user to control how they personalize their IQbuds™ Boost, in their own time and at their own convenience. The process works as follows:

  1. A person buys IQbuds™ Boost and downloads the app
  2. EarID™ measures their hearing thresholds in the app
  3. EarID™ enters the measured hearing thresholds into the AI powered NAL-NL2 self fit formula which is built into the app.
  4. EarID™ sets up IQbuds Boost based on NAL-NL2 results.

Proven Technology, Validated Results

At the core of the EarID™ personalization system is the NAL-NL2 self-fitting formula. NAL-NL2 is one of the worlds leading self-fit formulas and is used in audiologist clinics around the world to fit expensive hearing aids.

NAL-NL2 uses neural networks to figure out the best amplification for the particular user.

Nuheara is the first hearables company to have licensed NAL-NL2 and embedded it in an end-to-end personalization system for consumer wearables.

National Acoustics Laboratories, the developers of NAL-NL2 and Nuheara have worked extensively to ensure the results generated from EarID™ are validated to industry standards thus delivering a perfect personalization experience.

EarID™ will deliver huge benefits to consumers

Every ear is different and everyone hearing differently. That’s why hearing health has historically been both complex and expensive.

Up until now, consumers only had a few options to get a read of their own personal hearing profiles. Typically a consumer would visit an audiologist who would conduct an audiogram and possibly use NAL-NL2 or another validated self-fit program to analyze their hearing thresholds and tune their hearing aids.

There are also online hearing tests that measure a consumers hearing thresholds but do not provide analysis via a validated self-fit program or tune their preferred hearing device.

With IQbuds™ Boost and EarID™, now consumers have a real and affordable alternative for a personalized hearing heath solution.

With the Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act 2017 passing and soon to be implemented this paradigm shift in hearing health will open up exciting possibilities for the 40 million Americans and hundreds of millions of people around the globe who are hearing challenged.

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January 7th, 2018