The World’s Most Intelligent Earbuds Just Got Smarter

Nuheara IQbuds™ are setting a new standard of innovation in the headset market. In 2017, no other truly wireless earbuds have won more innovation awards than IQbuds™.

In six short months since commencing shipping on time to its crowdfunding backers, IQbuds™ are now selling in leading retailers in the USA such as Best Buy, Brookstone, Target and Amazon and are starting to be stocked by leading retailers across Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

What impresses the press, customers and retailers alike is the intelligence of IQbuds™. They are not just another wireless earbud – they are so much smarter than that.

IQbuds™ not only deliver great sound fidelity and clear phone calls, but give customers a level of personalization and customization on how they hear the world around them that has not been seen in headphone products until now.

A New Era of Upgradeable and Customizable Earbuds

The integration of sophisticated software applications and apps embedded in headphone platforms are opening a new world of future possibilities. No longer do customers have to purchase a new version of a headphone; now they can enjoy the benefits of future improvements via firmware upgrades.

The team at Nuheara has always been working on making IQbuds™ better. From the outset, IQbuds™ were designed to allow customers to improve their user experience via regular firmware upgrades.

These upgrades have allowed IQbuds™ to improve the level of personalization and customization that consumers demand today. After all, headphones and earbuds are personal wearable products whose goal should be to deliver an optimized hearing experience that is personal to the consumer.

According to Joao Martins at AudioExpress, headphones are becoming more personal:

“The above examples are clear indicators that headphone manufacturers are approaching the market with personalization strategies. This illustrates the large potential in exploring personalization, comfort, and convenience features, instead of focusing on more subjective arguments and targeting elusive quality benchmarks that will not be perceived the same way by consumers.”

Today’s firmware upgrade delivers on this customization promise with the launch of Custom Tap Touch – enabling consumers a way to personalize their tap touch experience.

Introducing Custom Tap Touch – An Industry First

This firmware upgrade makes IQbuds™ even smarter with the introduction of Custom Tap Touch.

Custom Tap Touch is an industry first – no other truly wireless earbud gives customers the power to create their own personalized tap touch controls. Now customers can choose between 9 different functions for their 6 tap touch controls on their IQbuds™. This means they can choose between world on/off and world on/pause music for advanced noise control, change location settings, activate SIRI/Google Now, volume up, volume down, next track, back track, and play/pause.

Tap touch reduces the user’s need to touch their phone, giving the control back to the user with a simple touch on the IQbuds™ that they have set according to their preferences.

IQbuds tap touch update screenshots

Sneak peak of the custom tap touch functionality of IQbuds available through the latest firmware update.

According to David Cannington, Cofounder and EVP Sales and Marketing:

“We want our customers to make the decisions about how they use IQbuds™, not us.  Everyone hears differently in different locations, they have different reasons for using IQbuds™ and at the core headphones are personal devices – they should allow the customer to personalize their experience. Our goal is to put the control in the hands of our customers so they can personalize their IQbuds™ experience via the App and now via Custom Tap Touch.”

The new IQbuds™ Firmware upgrade is being rolled out to existing and new customers starting on October 2nd, 2017 (USA time). The App will prompt you to download or you can access it here:

Upgrade Firmware Here
October 2nd, 2017