My name is Marty Hapner. I have hearing issues. I have had them for 25, almost 30 years. Of course, in time, 20, 25 years, my hearing became worse, and I basically needed to get hearing aids.

I had heard in the last couple of years of the new technology where you could buy Bluetooth devices that would actually work at a much lower cost. Last summer, you know, I came across the IQbuds, and I went ahead and decided to go ahead buy them and try them out, and you know, I’ve been wearing them ever since for those situations when I need to enhance my hearing.

Some of the situations that I need to have an enhanced hearing would be when I’m watching television. My wife has supersonic hearing. I love having the IQbuds because I can actually hear what she’s hearing, and we’re both happy about that.

I need them when I’m playing cards with my friends, in order to be able to just be in the moment, you know, with all of them and having fun, because, you know, we’re all there having a good time, and you want to know if someone raised, how much do they raise, if they called. And then there are times when there are some people who are really loud, where you don’t want to hear, so having the ability to just have a tap on and basically turn it off, you know, or quiet it makes it a lot more comfortable for being in the game.

I wear them when I play just golf, so that I can hear my friends when we’re talking and stuff like that. Otherwise, I have a real hard time. If I don’t have them, I’m basically not in, you know, the conversation. So now with these, I feel more involved with my community and my friends.

September 26th, 2019
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