At work with the noisy environment, the earbuds really help me to gauge what people are saying. It works really well on site.

My name is Brent, I’m a site manager in Canberra, and I worked in demolition for quite a few years.

But I think my hearing loss is a bit more hereditary. Being in construction is quite a dangerous occupation. You have to just be on the ball all the time, and you have to pick up every single word. Went to a few audiologists. Tested out a couple of hearing aids. Something I was looking at was 12, $1,500 for just one. So that’s why I saw this online and thought for the price it’s worth it to give it a go.

First night I remember putting it on while sitting on the couch and I had my kids behind me whispering and I could still hear them. And they were laughing. And I was almost tearing up, I really was tearing up.

Walked around like a smiling little kid with the fairy floss in his hand basically. I was really excited I could hear everything. When I’m in the office on Office mode and when out on site I change it to Street. It was really comfortable. It doesn’t even feel like they’re in.

If there’s a bit of extra noise jack-hammering, saw-cutting or drilling I’ll just World Off and it’s like you’ve got earplugs in. That works really well.

My oldest, who’s eleven now is on the spectrum. Lot of auditory sensory issues which these earbuds would also help with. I’ll be getting him another pair. I’ve done a fair bit of charity work with Fighting for Autism. Complete not for profit organization. We’re there to calm their aggression or relieve a bit of that pressure with sports, activities like wrestling. Some of the smiles we get from the parents, it’s just wonderful.

I’m so happy with these. Just hearing someone, especially my kids and my wife and picking up everything they’re saying. It’s just absolutely amazing. I just love them.

July 22nd, 2021
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