I would turn the world off and put it on a bit of music, and I can’t hear anything at all. It’s just peaceful. I’ve always struggled, especially at school, with the noise just being too much, being a bit of pain because of how loud it is for me.

I’d get calls from schools, saying that my child had a migraine, about lunchtime. I’d have to go and pick her up.

Every day I’d just come home absolutely exhausted.

We took her to an occupational therapist, came to the conclusion that Charlotte had auditory processing difficulties, came across the IQbuds. I just took a shot.

Oh, my God, this is bliss. It was just wonderful, all that background noise – pens and chairs, gets cut out. I can actually stay at school, it’s become a lot easier to actually focus. I use the Focus feature–

Focus on.

–some of my teachers didn’t think that I could really hear them and have conversations, like, oh, can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you. I’ve been wanting to go into animation, so I need to hear clearly. It’s quite handy for that, as well.

It was a big relief, getting to see your daughter who’s struggling, that she gets some big relief.

I went home after the first day of using them, and I’m like, I’ve still got all this energy. It’s been a huge improvement for my life.

May 7th, 2021
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