So about 10 years ago, I was visiting a friend. And his 16-year-old son challenged me to a flip competition in the swimming pool. So I got up there, of course. I did a front flip off the diving board. And I slammed my ear at high speed into the surface of the water and blew out my eardrum. From that moment forward, I’ve lost about 70% hearing in my right ear.

The way that’s impacted my life is that when I go out to a restaurant, I really have trouble hearing people. I have to pretend that I’m understanding the conversation, and it can get pretty embarrassing at times. When I’m at a conference, I’m gathered around a bunch of people. It’s really loud. I can’t hear what’s going on. And it’s really difficult, too. And when I’m with my wife, I will go out on hikes. Go for walks.

And she calls me a right-hand man. Because she has to keep me on her right ’cause I can only hear on my left-hand side. So I’m always pushing her to the left and making sure that we walk together so that I can hear it when she’s talking. I took the BOOST out of the box. Set up the Ear ID. And literally in five or 10 minutes, I was doing my test and completed, and had them fully calibrated. It could not have been easier.

I’m super active. And when I’m not working, I love to be playing around with the family or out on my bike, running, hiking, what have you. And what I really love is what I’ve never been able to do before. And that is put in the wireless earbuds and just go for a long bike ride. There’s no cords in the way that are ripping them out of my ears.

It’s just great sound. Super high quality. Just super fun and free. And what I love is I can hear what’s going on around me while also listening to great music while I’m working out. I don’t need them all the time. But when I do need them, they’re really convenient. And it’s really improved the quality of my life.

September 26th, 2019
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