The first time I realized I now had superhuman hearing was when I first put them on, and I turned that volume up to 10.

My name’s Lewis Clay. I’m a father of three. With my partner, Michelle, we run a plumbing and heating company, Clay Heating Services, in Norfolk, England.

When I saw the IQbuds, and I noticed you can manipulate what you hear, it just became a no-brainer for me. They showed me how I could use them at work.

When you have these on, a tiny little water droplet can sound massive. Like, a hammer hitting on an anvil. It’s been amazingly useful to stand in the middle of the house and point at where a leak was, 5 meters away. You go, ‘yeah, it’s over there.’ You’re now hearing so much more clearly, more defined.

You can set them to what you need. If I’m working with somebody else, I turn speech up, which increases safety. If I’m working with loud tools, I turn the bass down.

The first time I used the drill, the sound just went off. They saved me from ear damage.

While at work, I like to listen to music and still be able to hear everything around me and engage with customers. I could take calls. I’m listening to songs that I’ve listened to for 10, 15 years. I’m finding that there’s new instruments that I’ve never heard.

My absolute favorite feature of the whole thing is World Off. When the world gets too loud, or you just need a bit of space, one touch, and you’ve got freedom. Being able to control what you hear around you is an absolute requirement to a safe working environment. It’s become an essential part of my entire life. Absolutely amazing.

March 26th, 2021