I want to hear the guitar again. I want to hear the piano in its full range. I want to hear a human voice. When I put on the earbuds, it’s like I can hear everything.

My name is Marino. I’m from Calgary, Alberta. I’m in audio. I went into my first control room in 1980.

I’ve been cranking up sound and listening to it for, like, 40 years. My hearing loss is a result of too much sound for too long. All of your day-to-day sounds, those are the things that disappeared. I used to miss out on a lot of conversations. So I just wasn’t involved.

Hearing aids have a very specific attenuation range. Having worked with music for most of my life, I understand that you need a full range. But that’s one thing that I appreciated about the IQbuds is it was a full-range hearing solution. The test was exactly the same thing as what the audiologist did. It asked me where I was deficient and then filled in those gaps.

I’m from a big family. Every Sunday, six or eight of us get around the table for dinner. I wasn’t even aware of how much conversation I was missing out on. So now that I hear everything, I can decide whether or not I want to get involved. I use these on every device you can think of – phone calls, Zoom calls, the TV. The sound quality is a full-range, high quality sound. This is a solution that is specific to my ears. That’s what I need.

March 19th, 2021
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