When the Nuheara buds came in, and I first put them on, I was so amazed that I literally gave my Apple AirPod Pros away. I gave them away.

I was in the US Navy. And I worked in an engine room, where the engines were really huge. Even though I had ear protection, it still didn’t seem to be enough.

And then with that, compounded with my love for concerts, I remember one of my favorite bands were playing and my ears were ringing. The ringing persisted and never stopped. That’s when I realized that, oh, no, I’ve really messed my ears up. I have tinnitus.

I was thinking, well, I don’t want to wear hearing aids. And then I saw Nuheara.

The first thing that caught my eye was the look of the buds. And then I saw the raving reviews, and I looked at the videos, and I remember seeing a young lady sitting there, saying, they’re so amazing. And she was explaining similar issues that I was experiencing. When I first put them in, I said, oh my god, it’s gone. It suppresses tinnitus, which is unbelievable.


The environments are customizable.

World off.

The active noise cancellation is superb. I use it mostly in the gym and when my wife’s around. I have three pairs of Bose headphones, the Beats Pros, had the AirPod Pros. The IQbuds Max have been the best sound quality for music that I’ve ever had.

This is a solution, you don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars in medical bills. The Nuheara buds can make living with tinnitus easy. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. It’s made life so much better for me, really.

February 19th, 2021
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