Sound Protection

After a big night of working, you’re listening to music for six hours straight, and I’m always around speakers. My eardrums are like [EXPLOSION].

We used to have conventional – what are they called? Earbuds? Ear plugs. Earplugs. So for a while, my hearing got a little bit – not bad to the point where it was damaged, but it felt like it was weak.

I’ve been a IQbuds user since version one. I frickin’ love them. I found them– when did I find them? I found them off that Unbox Therapy guy.

Unboxed Therapy: “So here’s a new thing, this is a new take. They’re called IQbuds.”

It was his reaction, to be honest.

Unboxed Therapy: “Yes!”

I remember him being like, whoa! And I was like, I want to feel that, I want to be like, whoa.

Unboxed Therapy: “These things are for real! These things are for real Tom.”


Active Noise Cancellation

When I put these in, I feel like – it’s less effort on my ears if that makes sense. It’s just that rest that you need. IQbuds Max for me have a couple of features that I really enjoy. One being the active noise cancellation. I actually use them to cancel out the speakers enough while I shoot so you can still get through a shot and communicate. I really want to protect my hearing.


Conversation Enhancing

These days I kind of use it mostly for conversations. And a lot of what I do for my clients is consultation, so if I can’t have a conversation where I can hear everything, I kind of lose my livelihood completely.

When I’m looking for new artists and new tracks or events to do here, I’m always using these buds to listen to them. It makes my whole sound experience with the song actually amazing. And then when I need to turn to the conversation, I kind of go into that while sometimes actually having the music playing, which is a little bit rude, but it helps me kind of actively be aware of the people around me and my surroundings.

The ear ID tests that you do at the start better personalizes the hearing experience so that the headphones are yours.


Amazing Battery Life

The battery life on this is so amazing that I can kind of have them in all day. And they kind of fit my ears perfectly. I’ve even fallen with them in, I’m pretty sure, and nothing’s really come out. So they’ve been pretty good. I’ve genuinely fallen, I’m a very clumsy dude.

Your hearing especially should be an investment. You only get two ears, and then after that, you’re done, and it’s something that’s very important to me. These headphones have generally helped preserve and tailor my hearing experience better so that it’s less stressful for my ears. That’s what makes them one of the better products on the market and the best for me.

If you are looking for conversation enhancing, sound protection earbuds that allow you to blend music, ambient sound and conversations,  check out: IQbuds² MAX

September 25th, 2020