Earbuds for video conferencing

We were working at home using video conferencing 20 years ago. No other company was doing that at the time. Our role was to sell the idea of how you could do things differently using video conferencing and health-monitoring equipment in hospitals and in homes.

I started getting hearing decline because of a misspent youth in surfing and getting swimmer’s ear, and then of course as I got older, it got exacerbated. I simply found that in restaurants and crowded places I couldn’t participate in the conversation, couldn’t hear anybody.

Earbuds are everywhere

If you looked around the street, everyone was walking around with buds, and I thought, well, it makes sense to have buds too.

I heard about IQbuds through an award Nuheara got in the United States, decided IQbuds was far ahead of anyone else. And the fact that it’s a hearing bud as opposed to a hearing aid – I saw that as a positive. IQbuds was technically better, easier to use, and much better value for money.

Advanced technology suits video conferencing

I really enjoyed IQbuds MAX version because one, the technology was advanced, and the fact that you got three microphones is terrific. Ear ID produced a graphic of my hearing loss which actually was almost identical to another graphic I had by an external professional. I was very happy with it.

Anywhere where there’s a lot of background noise they help quite a lot. I can participate in conversations, when before I had trouble doing it. My grown-up children said that the television volume was always so high in this house. And now I can hear the TV as well as they can at their volume.

The noise cancellation is an extremely convenient feature, very relaxing. And I’m looking forward to testing it on an aircraft when I can finally get on an aircraft. From a value-for-money and information technology position, it’s an excellent combination. It solves my problem completely. And it’s worked flawlessly, truly.

October 8th, 2020
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