Nuheara Joins Collaborative Research Into Concentration Disorders

PERTH, Western Australia – Nuheara Limited (Company), Australia’s only ASX listed consumer wearables technology company and a leader in assistive audio, announced today that it is exploring collaborations to investigate evidence based research on how IQbuds™ and its related technology can potentially benefit children and adults who have concentration and auditory processing difficulties such as Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

The Company is awaiting final ethical approval from a leading Australian university on two research studies involving IQbuds™ to trial with children and adults who have such challenges.

As the Company developed its Super Intelligent Noise Cancellation (SINC™) technology and demonstrated IQbuds™ to thousands of people during 2016, it gained first hand insights into wider applications for IQbuds™ beyond its core business. Through these demonstrations and beta testing, Nuheara has seen promising results in the positive effect on young children and adults who have a range of concentration and auditory processing challenges.

Commenting on the research developments, Nuheara CEO Justin Miller said “Since we delivered our first wearable IQbuds prototype 12 months ago, we have seen first hand how IQBuds™ SINC™ technology can help people on this spectrum more easily access the world around them and allow them to personally customize how they hear the world for their comfort level. This experience now includes children with Auditory Processing Disorder using IQbuds in the classroom, to benefit concentration by reducing the distraction of background noise while enhancing their ability to focus on what they need to focus on. While the results are still anecdotal, the initial responses are very encouraging.”

Figure 1: Diagnosed with APD, student Kai Green aged 8, utilising his IQbuds™ in the classroom.

“Incredibly, we are now seeing IQbuds used to help solve life changing problems by people of all ages between 8 and 80”

“We understand individuals and families who experience challenges such as Auditory Processing Disorder are often presented with recommendations based on false hopes and unrealized results. This is why we are committed to completing pilot studies and developing research projects to validate the positive impact of assistive audio on people with concentration and hearing related challenges and more importantly, support an evidence based approach to quantify what we have witnessed first hand through these demonstrations and deployments. Incredibly, we are now seeing IQbuds used to help solve life changing problems by people of all ages between 8 and 80.” said Justin Miller.

It is estimated that approximately 10% of the population suffer from a range of concentration and auditory disorders, and still, the true prevalence of these disorders is not known. However, in the case of APD, it is estimated to affect up to 3% of all children and it is known to affect more boys than girls.

Auditory Processing Disorder is a hearing disorder in which the ears process sound normally but the hearing centres and circuits of the brain don’t correctly process incoming information. This can affect understanding, especially in challenging listening situations such as in the presence of other distracting sound, or when listening to complex information or instructions. APD is thus often referred to as a hearing problem in which “the brain can’t hear”. Interestingly, twice as many people have challenges with processing sound than are hearing impaired.

Justin Miller said “We started Nuheara with a vision to change peoples lives, in particular people who struggled to hear what they want to hear in the world around them. This applied not only to people with slight hearing loss but also to people with good hearing who wanted to control their audio experience in this ever increasingly noisy world. This remains our core mission and we continue to execute on this plan, but we couldn’t walk away from the real potential to change the lives of this broader group of people struggling with concentration and auditory processing disorders.”

Justin Miller
CEO and Managing Director
+61 8 6555 9999

David Cannington
Executive Director
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

About Nuheara

Nuheara is an innovative audio Wearables company. It has developed proprietary hardware and software to deliver multi-functional intelligent hearing technology that augments a user’s hearing and facilitates cable free connection to smart devices. With Nuheara’s IQbuds™, consumers are able to augment their hearing according to their personal hearing preferences and connect hands free with their voice enabled smart devices. Nuheara’s mission is to improve people’s lives by allowing them to seamlessly listen, communicate and connect to their physical and digital world. Learn more about Nuheara: www.nuheara.com.

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  1. Anthea
    Anthea says:

    Hi CEO ,
    This is an interesting study & product for APD & ASD children. When will university research trail studies begin? What age group will it cover? Where can we (son) join it? Are you going to do it via WA Telethon Kids Institute’s Autism team? Thank you.
    Would this product help adults like my husband manage their tinnitus? Any reports to back it.
    Thank you look forward to more news about this matter.
    Kind regards,

  2. Myles McCarthy
    Myles McCarthy says:


    My 25 year old daughter has hyperacusis. Things like leaf blowers, lawn mowers are very painful for her. Has there any research on your products for hyperacusis or tinnitus to see if it helps people who suffer from those? Will you be doing studies on hyperacusis or tinnitus? Thank you very much.

    • Nuheara Support
      Nuheara Support says:

      Hi Myles. Thank you for your interest and apologies for the delay in response. There has been no formal research on our product’s ability to assist those suffering from hyperacusis or tinnitus at this point. However, some customers have suggested that IQbuds may help with variety of their hearing-related conditions. Our product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’d like to try it out yourself. Additionally, feel free to email info@nuheara.com if you’d like to have a direct conversation with a company representative.

  3. Rod Bale
    Rod Bale says:

    Just in relation to the recent post concerning the possibility of the IQbuds being of assistance to the the young woman with Hyperacusis, I have also developed hyperacusis over the last 12 months which has given me very sensitive hearing and turns many sounds uncomfortably harsh and sharp. I have ordered IQbuds because it seems to me that not only will I be able to turn down the volume of the incredibly noisy world we live in but also adjust the EQ so that many sounds don’t have all the uncomfortable harsh higher frequencies which my ears currently find very uncomfortable. Definitely worth trying this new technology in my view.

  4. Kylie
    Kylie says:

    My 8 y/o son has auditory processing difficulties. I met with his teacher today for his learning plan and it was suggested noise cancelling ear phones would be worth a try, in my research to find something appropriate, I discovered your product. We’re in Canberra, is likely to be a trial conducted in our area or a specialist stocking the ear buds so we could see how they work/feel prior to purchase?

  5. Monique Whillance
    Monique Whillance says:

    I was wondering if you have a distributor in Melbourne, Aust ?
    I’m very interested in purchasing them for my 12yo son with APD and I’m not the greatest with technology and would therefore benefit greatly with help/ guidance in setting them up to best suit his needs for school ?

    • Sally Clapper
      Sally Clapper says:

      Hi Monique, many apologies as we somehow missed your comment on this post. If you have not yet already reached out to team@nuheara.com, please do so and they can provide more information about where we are available in Melbourne. I know some bloom hearing specialist locations are carrying them and could assist, as well as our team in Perth, AU. Thanks so much, and again sorry for the long delay in responding!

  6. Rhianon
    Rhianon says:

    Hi my boyfriend has auditory processing disorder and he is finding it very difficult coming into adulthood. He is having difficulties getting a job and walking through a shopping center is starting to become impossible for him. I am looking for something to help improve his quality of life even if it’s just a little. Will this product help to minimize background noise so he can concentrate on things like speaking to someone in a noisy room or walking through the shops? Or is it just for things like listening to music?

    • Sally Clapper
      Sally Clapper says:

      Hi Rhianon, We have had many in a similar situation as your boyfriend who have found the IQbuds to be immensely helpful. IQbuds are great for suppressing background noise while still allowing you to converse (unlike full over the ear noise cancellation headsets!) I would definitely recommend trying them. We do have a 30-day money back guarantee if for some reason you wanted to return them.


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