I’m an audiologist. I have a private practice in Beverly Hills. I just was very amazed by the technology. I think it might be a really great option for people who don’t really need full blown hearing aids just yet but really want to be able to hear more clearly in noisy situations. They’ve been amazing when I’ve been able to hear different situations now.

If I’m in number 1, it almost just dampens the sound so it makes things very comfortable. If I’m on setting number 2, your voice sounds rich and robust, and I’m still able to distinguish you away from other people. But when I’m on number 3, I just get this crisp, clear sound with a lot of S’s, a lot of sharp pronunciation that’s non-irritating. So it doesn’t sound like you’re getting too many high frequencies, but the clarity is really nice.

I think they would be a great assistance to my practice on a whole other level. I think I can attract younger population of people who would like to hear better in different environments. And eventually, when they need something more like a hearing aid then we’ll be able to fit them with that too.

February 28th, 2019