Yeah, so it’s great. It’s a great experience.


I think any place where you got a lot of noise and you’re trying to identify a specific kind of noise that is coming through. Bars and restaurants definitely because you want to be able to hear people at a distance or even close up and not get all this background noise coming in. It’ll definitely be awesome to have these on.

Yeah, make it a lot easier. I won’t have to shout across the room, shout to people. I can actually enjoy my meal, enjoy the cafe, especially ones that have loud music. So, yeah.

I think basically it’s making it more defined. So it seems to me that your speech is coming through much sharper and crisper. And the rest the noise has a little bit of a wet blanket over it. So it’s sort of is dulled out a bit. It just means I can focus on what you’re saying. Yeah.

May 31st, 2016