Try these out first before you start splashing out thousands on hearing aids, because the IQbuds work so well.

I’m here to tell you that there is a solution to the whole password problem. And the solution is voice. Like your fingerprint, your voice is unique. It’s a very complex signal which actually conveys an awful lot of information.

My voice is my password. My voice is my password. My voice is my password.

Hi, there. I’m not gray, I’m ash blonde. Putting them in and calibrating them was actually a real revelation, as just how poor my hearing had actually got to. It was really noticeable, essentially, down at the pub. It started to get hard to hear people.

My tinnitus kind of crept up on me probably over the past five years. Maybe I should have gone to the audiologist and got myself checked out. But I don’t need to now, do I? I do a lot of hiking. And now I could hear a whole lot of birdsong. The whole countryside comes alive with sound.

I’m talking to you at the moment with the ear buds on. I can’t hear my tinnitus at all. I’ve got noise canceling headphones, but these are far better. They’re incredibly effective. I’m often sitting in bed on a Sunday morning listening to prog rock from the 1970s. They kind of take me back to when I was 25.

Certainly if you’ve got mild hearing loss, these are a far better solution than a traditional hearing aid. Even people with normal hearing could benefit from the IQbuds, because the experience is so enhancing to your hearing. You’ve got to hear it to experience it. Absolutely fantastic.

May 17th, 2021
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