Charging your IQbuds and the charging case is simple. Let’s get started, charging happens through the gold contacts on the bottom of the buds, and the gold pins in the charge case. IQbuds charge through the charging case, So first, you’ll need to place your buds in the case, please note that the lights will turn on when the case is opened or closed, the lights will then turn off after a few seconds for battery efficiency.

Connect the USB cord provided in your box, and then plug into a power source to charge both the case and the buds. The left and right lights on the front indicate the left and right bud respectively, a red light indicates that the buds are charging, and the green light indicates that the buds are charged. The side light indicates case charge, when the light is red the case holds less than one full charge for your IQbuds, when the light is green the case holds more than one full charge for your IQbuds.

You can always check the level of charge on My Buds Screen of your IQbuds app. Ensuring you always know when your buds are charged and ready to go. For more helpful tips please visit

June 30th, 2020
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