Oh, wow! Yeah, OK. Very cool! Yeah, here I am. I have this Apple Watch. It just beams out there, it’s very not private. I have a few different use cases for this, and one of them I’m really excited about is to be able to control the level of sound from your device versus sound from the environment.

And I do appreciate that there’s different kinds of sounds from the environment. Not just Cancel All but it’s also amplified. So what I’m going to be using it for, probably most of the hours, is going to be at work. And then while I’m working, I listen to music, and then I’m still going to engage with my co-workers.

So I’m looking almost as if this is going to be like the soundtrack of life. It’s going to be playing in the background. I’m also going to be using this when I’m active. So as you can see there’s no wire, I really, really appreciate that. It’s the first I’ve ever experienced something like this. So that could be, I’m riding my bicycle and I’ll actually be able to answer the phone. So like, oh, hey, I’m riding my bicycle right now.


I mean, I can probably still then carry on the conversation honestly, while I’m riding my bicycle safely–

Yes, you could.

–which is pretty cool. This is going to be safe when I ride a bicycle to be able to hear the environment. I can imagine I would be able to hear a distant siren or something. All those things that you can’t hear when you just listening to music with your earphones.

July 31st, 2016
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